Motorcycle, Auto and Boat Custom Painting Services

Sinthium Team

The Sinthium team is confident that we can customize a look to fit any style of rider or motorcycle. Whether it is a wild, outrageous eye popping original or a more classic traditional piece of artwork we will work with you to make it happen.

Sketch designs before starting painting process
Sketch and computerized rendering before painting
Custom metal 3D artwork

  • One-of-a-Kind Custom Paint jobs
  • Custom Helmet Painting
  • Boats, Jet Skiis, Snowmobiles, Quads, etc...
  • Custom Car and Truck Painting
  • Limited Addition Signature Custom Paint Jobs
  • Innovative Airbrushing Including Real Flames, Marbles, Textures, Lightning, etc.
  • Kandy Painting, Blending/Fading, Pinstriping
  • 3D Graphics, Flames,  Layouts
  • Realistic and Stylized Murals
  • Test Panels for Color and Art Examples
  • Disassembly, Storage, and Assembly of Customer Motorcycles Parts for Paint
  • Custom One-Off Fiber Glass Parts
  • Fiberglass Fabrication
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Lip Seal
  • Undercoating
  • Matching Powdercoat and other Custom Paints
  • Mixing Bank, Scale, and Making any Factory Color or Custom Color
  • Fine Line Hand Layouts
  • Stencil Layouts
  • In Process and Final Pictures
  • Telephone, Email, and One on One Design Meetings
  • Logo and Art Design 
  • Artwork Computer Design
  • Machine Plotting Stencils in Vinyl
  • Computer Color Renderings
  • Sketch Designs
  • Metal Repair
  • Bodywork
  • Mock-up of Parts