What You Should Expect from a Professional Paint Shop

Check out the shop’s techniques and paint portfolio for the exact style you are looking for. A high-end custom paint shop employs certified body guys, painters, artists, pin-stripers and most importantly a quality control department dedicated to producing perfection. Sinthium Inc. is an industry leader and has set the bar, which pushes competing custom paint shops to rise to the occasion.

Here’s a quick glance at the service you can expect from Sinthium Inc. All you need to get started is a vision. Sinthium Inc.’s design team specialists help you select color, graphics, airbrushing and simple pin-striping designs towards making your dream a reality. They know how to ask the right questions to piece together your perfect design.

Understanding the Custom Paint Process:

1. The body shop kicks off production by stripping down the factory finish on your sheet metal for a fresh foundation.

2. At this point the sheet metal is ready to enter the paint department to apply a PPG corrosion resistant primer.

3. After the primer has cured your parts enter the prepping department for wet-sanding the primer in preparation for paint.

4. When the wet-sanding process is complete the parts are brought to the paint department to apply the selected color choice during your design consultation.

5. Once the color is applied the parts are taken to the art studio where skilled specialists begin creating your selected design.

6. Upon completion of the graphics, the parts are now ready to go back to the paint department for a careful review of the fresh paint and artwork. Once approved, a painter applies a high-solids PPG clear coat to protect your investment.

7. Your parts are now ready to undergo the final process. Once the clear coat is 100% cured, the buffing department carefully wet-sands any imperfections and uses a 3-Step polishing system to give your new look a show quality finish.

8. Finally, your parts are complete and ready for quality control/pick-up.

Sinthium Inc.’s streamlined processes help produce top quality custom paintwork focusing on affordability and quick turnaround for the everyday working customer, whose dream is to have an award winning and show quality look.

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